060: Seeing Potential Regardless of Circumstances

by Cynthia Beiler

What impact does your mindset have on your success in selling your products and services? My guest Cynthia Beiler shares practical strategies for growing your business with less stress and more ease. As CEO of Leveraged Mind Consulting, Cynthia works with clients to develop and implement an overall sales strategy to accelerate profitable growth. Her clients include large corporations as well as consultants and coaches to help them adjust their mindset and approach to selling.

You’ll discover:

  • The challenges Cynthia faced when she took on a struggling territory as regional sales manager…and how she turned things around
  • The profound impact that your state-of-mind has on your attitude and actions
  • Ideas for thriving in the midst of the difficult circumstances your business may be facing
  • How to move past fear into actions that get results

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