280: How Xperigo Built an Award-Winning, High-Performance Culture

It’s not easy to create a strong, positive culture, and it’s even more challenging to sustain it for 10 years. That’s exactly what Dan Turner and his team have done at Xperigo. And instead of resting on this accomplishment, Dan continues to raise the bar for himself and for his company.

Dan has been President and CEO at Xperigo since 2019. He’s also served as COO and Vice President of Business Development. Since joining the company in 2014, Dan has been instrumental in establishing Xperigo as a leading provider of customer experience management solutions to the automotive sector in North America.

With his people-first philosophy, Dan has placed significant emphasis on cultivating a high-performance culture at Xperigo, which has resulted in the company being the 3-time consecutive winner of the prestigious award, Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures™.

Before joining Xperigo, Dan held senior leadership positions in both sales and client services at other large companies, where he managed strategic relationships with Fortune 500 companies like Apple, General Motors, and Netflix. He successfully secured over 500 million dollars in new business over his 12-year sales career.

You’ll discover:

  • Dan’s journey from tow truck driver to CEO
  • The qualities Dan learned from high school that have served him well as a leader
  • How Xperigo’s values are used throughout the year by every leader and employee
  • Why “Life Is Better Here” is the tagline used to attract job candidates
  • Ways that Dan and his team used the results of the engagement survey to enhance the company culture

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