123: What It Takes to Become a Thought Leader

Have you ever wondered what’s involved in the path to being recognized as a thought leader? Denise Brosseau has provided the answer in her timeless book, Ready to Be a Thought Leader? And in our conversation, she reveals the key elements required to achieve that level of influence. Denise helps clients overcome a major obstacle in this journey—their reluctance to give themselves credit for their well-earned expertise. You’ll find out her approach to moving them past these self-imposed limitations.

Denise is founder and CEO of Thought Leadership Lab, where she works with leaders and their teams to accelerate their journey from leader to thought leader. She founded the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, which is now Watermark, and co-founded Springboard, the prestigious women’s startup launchpad that has led to more than $10 billion in funding for women entrepreneurs.

You’ll discover:

  • How Denise defines “thought leader”
  • The essential steps for being recognized as a thought leader
  • Issues that hold people back from stepping into this role
  • The importance of champions and allies—and the differences between these two groups of supporters
  • Why Denise has focused on helping women entrepreneurs get funding for their start-ups

Watch the episode:

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