236: Overcoming Obstacles for Black Women’s Advancement to the C-suite

Black women are under-represented in the C-suite. That’s a reality that Dr. Mechelle Roberthon has seen first-hand, and she’s on a mission to turn that around. This is a must-listen interview if your organization is committed to ensuring diversity at all levels, including top executive positions.

Michelle shares important insights from her dissertation research and describes specific actions organizations can take to ensure opportunities for diverse representation at top leadership levels. Mentorship and Sponsorship are key elements of this process.

Mechelle is a Certified Professional in Talent Development. Her background includes training delivery, performance improvement, and managing learning programs. She received her Doctor of Education degree from Baylor University and holds a Master of Science in Education with a specialization in Training and Performance Improvement.

Mechelle is an experienced career and professional development instructor. She’s taught over 500 corporate courses and receives consistently high evaluations. Her dynamic teaching style has become a favorite amongst learners. You’ll understand why when you listen to our conversation!

You’ll discover:

  • The event that inspired Mechelle to choose her dissertation topic
  • What she learned from interviewing Black women already in, or aspiring to, positions in the C-suite
  • 4 specific actions you can take to ensure opportunities for diverse representation at top leadership levels
  • What organizations do wrong when someone leaves voluntarily
  • What effective Offboarding looks like

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