049: How Music Can Enhance Team Development and the Transfer of Training

by Dr. Pelè

How do the principles in music apply to work teams? My guest Dr. Pelè explains this clear connection in our conversation and in his new book, The 7 Songs of a Successful Team. Dr. Pelè blends his passion for music with his purpose to help leaders and teams achieve the success they seek, and you’ll feel his enthusiasm for both topics in this interview! You’ll also find out how you can listen to the songs that are part of each chapter in the book – the story will come to life, and you’ll love the melody and lyrics.

You’ll discover:

  • The difference between Emotional Literacy and Emotional Intelligence
  • The elements of Harmony that are essential in music and in a team
  • How “Profitable” and “Happiness” work together to create a harmonious team
  • Why music-based training is uniquely designed to make training stick

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