Episode 002: Why You Should Focus on Big-Tickets Clients

by Dr. Pelè

You can dramatically grow your revenue without killing yourself when you focus on clients who can easily invest in your high-end programs. Dr. Pelè is the author of the Amazon bestseller, Big-Ticket Clients: You Can’t Catch a Whale with a Worm. In this episode, he explains how to use content marketing to position yourself as an authority and lay the groundwork for building solid relationships. Dr. Pelè shares how one of his clients started a podcast that opened the door to conversations with top executives he hadn’t been able to reach in the past.

You’ll discover:

  • How you can use narrative psychology to connect with your ideal clients
  • Why most marketing advice you get only works for small-ticket clients
  • A big-ticket strategy that’s so powerful your ideal clients will welcome a conversation with you
  • Why the principle of reciprocity works so well…and how you can apply it

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