249: Developing a Champion’s Mind

You may think that success requires striving and pushing hard. Dr. Jeff Spencer dispels that notion and presents an alternate approach that results in a joyful life. You’ll want to take notes as you listen to this amazing man drop nugget after nugget of wisdom.

Jeff builds champions. He has spent more than 400,000 hours mastering the art and science of full potential play. His extraordinary track record helping athletes win gold medals, entrepreneurs dominate their fields, and business titans become iconic come from his experience as an Olympic cyclist, author, hot glass artist, sports scientist, doctor, husband and father.

Jeff’s clients include Tiger Woods, U2, Nike, Hitachi and Bulletproof. His proudest achievement is the raising of his adopted daughter, Kin, with his wife Kristina.

You’ll discover:

  • The difference between a human mindset and a champion mind
  • Why a state of Receivership beats hard work every time
  • What’s required to play the long game in life
  • Jeff’s definition of Imposter Syndrome that’s sure to resonate with you
  • Why Jeff “answers callings” instead of chasing dreams or goals

Watch the episode:

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