162: Purposeful Leadership and Sacred Power

What leadership lessons can we take away from the Elders in traditional communities around the world? Eboni Adams Monk has first-hand experience living with and learning from these wise individuals, and we uncover several of them in this inspiring conversation.

Eboni is Vice President of Marketing and Commercial Excellence at a specialty chemical company. She draws from her studies with Elders to inspire transformational leadership and life-changing growth so others can succeed at work. Her experiences with these cultures led her to write her beautiful and powerful book, Leading Wise: Inspirational Reflections for Corporate Leaders.

You’ll discover:

  • Why Eboni makes no distinction between work life and personal life
  • What inspired her to write her book and the key messages she wanted to convey
  • The benefits of taking time to reflect…and the consequences if we don’t
  • Why Eboni considers the power that leaders have to be sacred
  • How leaders can build a feeling of community

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