051: Become the Key Person of Influence in Your Field

by Frank Mulcahy

Would you like to become the key person of influence with your ideal clients? My guest Frank Mulcahy has achieved this goal, and in this interview he gives you the exact steps for achieving this status yourself. Frank is a best-selling author, international speaker and coach. His entrepreneurial journey has included high’s and low’s; he lost more than $5 million in one venture, then came back to build a highly successful speaking career, where he is in high demand globally. Bring a notepad when you listen to this episode because Frank drops a lot of gems along the way.

You’ll discover:

  • How Frank defines a “sabbatical” and why it’s critical to build it into your schedule
  • The questions to ask yourself during a sabbatical to achieve breakthrough ideas and solutions
  • The 5 key steps you need to complete in sequence in order to become a Key Person of Influence
  • How Frank made the shift from local to international speaker
  • What event organizers want to know…that most speakers miss

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