240: Focus on Serving, Not Competing

Which leadership skills and strengths are important for entrepreneurs in order to build a successful business? Geoffrey Kent shares the ones he needed to use, and they’re the same ones he advises every business leader to develop. You’ll be mesmerized by the stories Geoff tells to illustrate his points.

Geoff has been a serial entrepreneur for more than 40 years. As a result of his own experiences, he’s developed a comprehensive methodology to help entrepreneurs build their own unique, customized strategy for responsibly scaling exponential business growth.

Today Geoff teaches entrepreneurs – from business start-ups to those who are growing – how to connect their entrepreneurism with their passion.

You’ll discover:

  • The lessons Geoff learned along the way in his own entrepreneurial journey
  • Why leaders need to have a clear, compelling vision and be able to articulate it to others
  • What Geoff advises you to focus on instead of the competition
  • How Geoff served his customers so powerfully that they became his sales team
  • The 3 questions Geoff asks entrepreneurs to determine if they have a viable business idea

Watch the episode:

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