141: Relationship Marketing Rules

How can you combine a service orientation with marketing to build strong relationships? My guest Janice Porter has a winning approach that works really well for her and for her clients. Janice is all about relationships! She’s passionate about helping people build their businesses through relationship marketing and networking, using both online and offline strategies. I loved her focus on giving first, and so will you.

During our conversation, Janice shares specific strategies she recommends for making your presence on LinkedIn more powerful and effective. She also describes how she uses SendOutCards to stay in touch with people she’s met, to provide the kind of mail that always gets opened. Janice is also the host of the Relationships Rule Podcast, where she interviews people who share her passion for building strong business relationships. I highly recommend her show.

You’ll discover:

  • How Janice defines Relationship Marketing and what it means for you
  • The 4 H’s in your LinkedIn profile that matter most
  • How to send connection requests that get accepted
  • What most people do wrong in LinkedIn messaging…and what you can do that works
  • Ways that Janice uses SendOutCards to send personalized cards that don’t get thrown away

Watch the episode:

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