Do you procrastinate about business development? My guest Janine Bolon knows how you feel. In this lively conversation, Janine explains how she learned to block time for four all-important activities and what you can do to make them enjoyable and fun. She describes the actual messages she leaves with people and why she has so many calls afterwards. If you’re committed to building strong relationships that lead to clients working with you, get ready to take notes and apply Janine’s ideas!

Janine has been a serial solopreneur since the age of 10. She is owner of The8Gates, LLC, which produces 4 podcasts, 15 online coaching classes and markets her 10 books. She is also a mom of 4 rambunctious human beings who continue to keep her need for structure in check. Janine’s programs and classes are all designed for one purpose: to help you have abundant cash flow while enjoying the family and friends who surround you.

You’ll discover:

  • The 4 elements in Janine’s system that should be on your calendar every week
  • How to create audio messages that are authentic and compelling…and result in people wanting to talk to you
  • The low-tech, automated solution Janine uses to stay in touch and follow up
  • Why it’s critical to set aside time each week for your own education

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