270: Love As a Business Strategy

We don’t often hear the word LOVE used when describing the workplace. That’s about to change in this conversation with Jeff Ma and Chris Pitre, as we discuss their Wall Street Journal best-selling book, Love As a Business Strategy.

Written with two other senior leaders at Softway, the four authors identified six core pillars as a result of their journey to create a positive culture in their own company. Each chapter begins with a compelling story about one of the authors and what that individual learned. It’s truly a guidebook for developing the values and related behaviors that empower people to thrive.

Chris and Jeff are both senior leaders at Softway. Chris is Vice President, supporting sales, delivery, HR, and other back office operations. Jeff is Director of Project Management and Quality.

Together, they are co-founders of Culture+, a company with a mission to bring humanity back to the workplace. They teach companies how to create a positive culture based on the pillars described in their book.

You’ll discover:

  • The unforgettable incident that served as a wake-up call to the leadership team at Softway
  • The 6 pillars that form the foundation of a thriving workplace
  • Why they go beyond Reflection and recommend Introspection
  • How to empower someone from a place of vulnerability
  • Why Forgiveness is essential to resolving hurts, disappointments, and other negative emotions

Watch the episode:

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