262: Claim Your SWAGGER and Thrive

What comes to mind when you hear the word SWAGGER? If it has a negative connotation for you, prepare to be persuaded differently! Jennifer Mrozek Sukalo has created a powerful acronym that we explore in this lively conversation, based on her new book, Claim Your SWAGGER: Stop Surviving and Start Thriving. You are sure to want to take notes as we discuss important concepts like self-worth, self-limiting beliefs, and gratitude.

Jennifer is an exceptional guide in the realm of leadership and personal development. She’s focused on empowering individuals to unleash their potential by reshaping the way they think, act, and behave.

Jennifer has more than thirty years’ experience working with individuals, cancer survivors, leaders, and multinational Fortune 500 companies. Her influence has positively impacted more than 50,000 leaders in 18 countries across the globe.

With a science-based educational foundation in behavioral change and a wealth of practical knowledge, Jennifer excels at helping people learn to harness their mental power and use what they already have to foster positive life changes, transforming themselves and the world around them.

You’ll discover:

  • The Power of 3 Ps for creating new behavior patterns that last
  • Jennifer’s opportunity to practice patience when getting a new mobile phone
  • 3 aspects of self-worth that are driven by external factors
  • How Acts of Kindness help you expand your feelings of worthiness
  • Why REP (Recognize, Evaluate, Pivot) is a winning strategy for removing limiting beliefs and replacing them with more powerful ones

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