025: Focus on a Niche and Acquire More Clients

by Jodi Flynn

Do you struggle to identify a niche to focus on? My guest Jodi Flynn describes her path to identifying her favorite type of client. After she did that, she received more engagements with companies that were just the right match for her passion and skills. Jodi is the founder of Women Taking the Lead and host of the Women Taking the Lead podcast.

You’ll discover:

  • A behavior that holds many female leaders back in their careers
  • The mindset that can cause people-pleasing and the mindset that frees you from it
  • Why it’s important to identify the kinds of people you most enjoy working with
  • Why using labels or language like “Type A Personality” can push potential clients away and cost you business
  • The phrase Jodi used with a prospect that landed the sale and helped her discover a huge opportunity

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