145: Why Leaders Need Self-Awareness, Feedback, & High EQ

What if you could increase your emotional intelligence and expand your self-awareness? That’s the journey my guest Jon Hunter traveled in advancing from salesperson to Chief Revenue Officer. You’ll be drawn in by Jon’s truth-telling around topics like self-awareness, feedback, and creating safety and trust. Get ready to take notes because Jon drops a lot of nuggets you’ll want to remember and apply.

Jon has held positions like Chief Revenue Officer and Senior VP of Sales in various enterprise software companies over the past 25 years. Now he’s passionate about developing the next generation of leaders, and he started The Hunter X Podcast to share insights gained from his experiences. Jon’s podcast is packed with nuggets you can use every day, in just 8-12 minutes per episode. I highly recommend you subscribe and read all his posts on LinkedIn.

You’ll discover:

  • Why leaders must create safety and trust early on when working with a new team
  • The #1 stumbling block for leaders who want to advance to the next level
  • How Jon developed his emotional intelligence to become a highly effective leader
  • The most important trait John looks and listens for when interviewing job candidates
  • The value of getting feedback throughout your career

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