How can you take a fresh look at your work so you and your team continue to innovate and adapt to change? Katharine Halpin founded her firm The Halpin Companies 25 years ago to fill a void she saw in her CPA career. Katharine has helped leadership and management teams increase their effectiveness in engaging each other and their colleagues, her clients tend to grow 2-3x because of the innovation that gets ignited from the new work environment. She’s the author of Alignment for Success, and we discuss key ideas from this book. Come prepared to take notes from all the nuggets Katharine shares!

You’ll discover:

  • The areas in work and life that need to be aligned in order to achieve lasting success
  • Suggestions for being productive in a remote work environment
  • How to create a safe environment that encourages people to come up with innovative ideas
  • Three self-care actions you can take in order to work at your best
  • How to create Strategic Think Time to ensure you’re focused on the right actions

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