039: How to Partner with Other Consultants and Make a Ton of Money While Growing Your Businesses

by Dr. Kevin Gazzara

Do you find it hard to make time for marketing and sales because you’re busy delivering your services? My guest Dr. Kevin Gazzara has found effective ways to keep his firm’s pipeline full. Kevin is co-founder and Senior Partner at Magna Leadership Solutions based in Phoenix, AZ. Since founding his company 12 years ago, Keven has consistently done five things to grow his business. Take notes to keep track of all the nuggets Kevin drops, and stay until the end because he shares a BIG idea that’s free to implement and could impact your visibility on Google searches.

You’ll discover:

  • What Kevin learned from 10 successful consultants about building a successful business
  • One of the most important decisions you can make up-front to be sure you get in front of your best clients
  • The benefits of writing a book in positioning you with potential clients
  • Why you need to invest the time in building a solid network and delivering value without looking for reciprocity
  • The Task Quotient Assessment, a free quiz you can take to identify the kinds of work activities you enjoy the most

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