Are you making the most of the talents you have? If you identify as an under-performer in any area of your life, tune in to my interview with Kozhi Makai. We discussed the key points from his latest (and excellent!) book, Sharpening Your Edge: How to Turn Potential into Performance. Kozhi is a performance psychologist and Founder of Kozhi Makai Worldwide. His sole mission for the past 20 years has been to use behavioral science to help people thrive. He’s absolutely brilliant in the way he explains the concepts covered in his book!

You’ll discover:

  • What your ProPersonal®Edge is and how to keep it sharpened
  • How you can adopt a “thrive” mindset
  • Steps you can take to turn your talents into strengths
  • Why Kozhi uses “employability skills” instead of “soft skills”
  • The role of leverage in making the most of your edge

Watch the episode:


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