176: How Michelin’s ICARE Model Creates Open Communication

How does a company with 100,000+ employees worldwide create a culture that everyone buys into…and more importantly, lives by? Marie-France Lechasseur explains how Michelin’s ICARE Model provides a common ground for the way people treat each other across the organization. You can feel her passion around these shared values and behaviors throughout our conversation! ICARE is an acronym for Inspiring, Create Trust, Awareness, Results, and Empowerment.

Marie-France is a Human Resources Business Partner and also a competency Director in Learning & Development at Michelin. She’s been on the team that’s helped bring ICARE to life within Michelin and with companies they’re acquired.

You’ll discover:

  • The importance of customizing content delivery for training programs
  • Differences in the preferred learning modes of different generations
  • Why employees in an acquired company quickly embraced the ICARE model
  • How the ICARE model provides a common set of values for having more productive conversations
  • How Marie-France applied the model with her future boss

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