035: How to Enjoy Others…and Be Enjoyed By Them

by Mark Goulston

Whenever Meredith Bell and Dr. Mark Goulston have a conversation, rich observations and insights inevitably emerge. In this episode, they explore topics that are relevant no matter what role(s) you have in life. They talk about Mark’s latest projects and then delve into topics like kindness, generosity, and what it means to enjoy a fellow human being. That’s followed by a discussion of the impact we have as listeners on the person speaking to us, and as parents on our children. As always, Mark gives practical, actionable tips that you can use with the very next person you interact with!

You’ll discover:

  • The What Made You Smile Today movement that Mark started to help combat disconnection and loneliness
  • What’s behind the Count Me In Global Community
  • 3 questions you can ask yourself after every conversation to rate your listening…from the other person’s perspective
  • The secret to developing mentally healthy children
  • 2 questions parents can ask themselves about their relationship…from their kids’ perspective

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