163: A Culture Where People Feel Safe and Valued

What can you do to make sure your company avoids being part of the Great Resignation? Maurice “Moe” Rondeau has specific suggestions you can adopt, based on what he and his team have done to build community and high performance.

Moe is Vice President of Learning & Development at WinnCompanies, a real estate property development and management company in the Boston area. He has a diverse 25+ year background in global learning and organizational development.

Moe’s multi-industry experience provides him with a solid understanding of the challenges that business leaders face in engaging and retaining talent.

You’ll discover:

  • What leaders can do to engage and retain their top talent
  • What WinnCompanies does to keep everyone informed and involved
  • A few thought leaders Moe admires most…and why
  • 5 key lessons Moe learned when starting up the L&D division from scratch
  • How Moe structured programs for high potentials and first level managers to achieve a positive impact

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