052: Preserve Dignity and Build Trust by Helping Others Save Face

by Maya Hu-Chan

Do you know how to create strong relationships with people from different cultures? My guest Maya Hu-Chan is an expert on this topic, and she describes it in terms of “saving face.” You’ll learn that this term goes much deeper than helping someone avoid embarrassment and what it looks like in action. Maya is an internationally recognized speaker, author and Master Certified Executive Coach, specializing in global leadership, diversity, inclusion and cross-cultural management. She’s the author of an outstanding new book, Saving Face: How to Preserve Dignity and Build Trust, and we focus on several ideas from her book in this conversation.

You’ll discover:

  • The 3 aspects of “Face” and why they matter
  • How using face is a type of social currency
  • What leaders can do to ensure they help build and save face with the people on their team
  • Examples of leaders who have helped someone save face—and the benefits for both parties

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