048: MIC SWAP: Create a Coaching Culture That Leads to High Performance

by Meredith Bell

​In this special episode, we have a “mic swap.” Former guest Angela Cusack interviews Meredith Bell about her new book, Strong for Performance: Create a Coaching Culture with Learning & Development Programs That Stick. Meredith kicks off by revealing the famous Star Wars actor she was friends with in high school! We then turned our discussion to more serious topics, like what’s required to change behavior for the long-term. Meredith describes a four-step roadmap that organizations can use to create an environment where people love to come to work, contribute their best efforts and achieve high levels of performance.

You’ll discover:

  • The famous Star Wars actor that Meredith knew in high school
  • Why Meredith wrote her book and the impact she wants it to have on organizations
  • The one element missing from most learning and development programs that results in a lack of long-term impact
  • A proven three-step process for rewiring the brain for a new skill or habit
  • Why a support system and accountability coach are key components for improving a skill

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