046: Leadership Is a System, Not a Function

by Oleg Konovalov

Why is it critical for a leader to have a clear vision in order to create a culture that’s thriving? My guest Dr. Oleg Konovalov has written an entire book about this in Leaderology! In this interview, he explains why effective leadership requires executives to understand their role in shaping a culture where people thrive. Oleg is a thought leader, author, business educator and consultant with over 25 years of experience operating businesses and consulting with Fortune 500 companies internationally. He’s also the author of Corporate Superpower and Organisational Anatomy.

You’ll discover:

  • Why there is no single definition of vision
  • Elements to consider when forming a vision
  • Why leadership is a system, not a function
  • The 3 aspects of culture that contribute to high performance
  • Behaviors you can expect to see in a culture that’s thriving

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