188: How a Local Government Created Service Excellence through Lean Six Sigma

Did you know that Lean Six Sigma extends way beyond the world of manufacturing? Paul Stamper is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, and he’s done a magnificent job bringing this process to the County of Ventura in California. You’ll enjoy Paul’s passion for this topic and the practical ways the principles are applied across all departments in the County. You’re sure to get ideas of how you can incorporate Lean Six Sigma into your own organization.

Paul is the Deputy Executive Officer for the County of Ventura, California. He oversees multiple program areas including their continuous improvement program, called Service Excellence, which has documented over $40 million in savings. Paul leads Strategic Planning and Economic Vitality efforts to support the 850,000 residents and 22,000 businesses in the County.

You’ll discover:

  • What Lean Six Sigma means and what it looks like in action
  • The natural strengths Paul brought with him when learning about Lean processes
  • How Ventura County has used the Service Excellence Program to improve services to its customers
  • Positive changes that have occurred at all levels in the organization since adopting Lead Six Sigma
  • Ways that Paul has grown as a leader and what he’s learned from his experience in this role

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