160: How to Unlock the Potential in Others

What does it take to help people unlock their true potential? Peter Walmsley is masterful at doing this, and you’ll learn the key approaches he’s taken over the years. Peter has lived and breathed everything my podcast is about, so I know you’re going to value the insights and ideas he shares in our conversation.

Peter is the Senior Vice President of Organization Effectiveness at Scopely. He’s a highly committed leader with extensive experience in global organizations covering the U.S., Europe, Asia, and North Africa. He’s originally from London, and he’s lived and worked primarily for US companies in Paris, Madrid, Geneva, and San Francisco.

You’ll discover:

  • Why Peter creates an environment for people to flourish
  • What he does to convey his belief in an individual
  • The role of courage in decision-making
  • How Peter developed his own courage muscle
  • What leaders can do to become more comfortable with uncertainty and help their team members with this, too

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