140: How to Build and Leverage Thought Leadership

How do you become a thought leader and then leverage that position for increased influence and income? My guest Peter Winick knows how. For that past 20 years, Peter has worked with a variety of thought leaders—including authors, speakers, CEOs, and academics—to build their brands. And his results are impressive. In our conversation he shares important do’s and don’ts for achieving such an esteemed position.

Peter is the founder and CEO of Thought Leadership Leverage, a consulting firm that helps thought leaders leverage their expertise. He applies these same processes to an organization that wants to differentiate and grow its business. Peter is also the host of the Leveraging Thought Leadership Podcast, where he interviews, not surprisingly, thought leaders. I highly recommend his show!

You’ll discover:

  • What thought leadership is and how it differs from subject matter expertise
  • Peter’s advice for those who want to develop a reputation as a thought leader
  • Why it’s a mistake to claim you’re a thought leader
  • How Peter’s company helps clients use leverage to scale their influence and revenue
  • The impact COVID had on speaking as a thought leader’s key strategy

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