161: Why EQ Matters More than IQ for Leaders

What does it look like when the CEO of a publicly traded company treats people as the company’s #1 asset? Phil Gallagher does just that. He’s an extraordinary leader whose motto is, “When people feel good, they do good.”

Phil is the CEO of Avnet, a publicly traded company with annual sales north of 20 billion dollars and more than 14,000 employees worldwide and ship to 140 countries. They’re #167 on Fortune 500.

You’ll discover:

  • The value of self-awareness in a leader’s growth
  • How Phil developed his own EQ
  • Why asking for feedback and receiving it well is a critical skill for every leader
  • Some of the little things Phil does to strengthen relationships
  • The difference in leaders who head Avnet’s highest-performing locations vs. the lowest-performing locations

Watch the episode:

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