251: Leadership Practices of Successful Start-ups

What do the best founders do when leading others to fulfill the company’s mission? You’ll find out in this valuable conversation with Raja Skogland, who’s based in Norway.

Raja is not only an entrepreneur herself, she has also invested in more than 70 start-ups and small businesses. She’s observed firsthand—and also practices herself—the leadership skills necessary for building a successful company.

Raja is the Founder and Chair of The Visionary Company & VC. She’s created an ecosystem of experts, board members, investors, and serial entrepreneurs. Their purpose is to help startups, scale-ups, and small- to medium-size businesses raise money and build profitable, scalable businesses. Raja is also a Board Member of NorBAN, the Norwegian Business Angel Network.

You’ll discover:

  • How Raja’s experiences in the business world led her to the work she does today
  • Why Raja works on her mindset on a continuous basis and encourages entrepreneurs to do the same
  • The power of surrounding yourself with “friend clients”
  • Key leadership skills needed to run a successful business or team
  • How Raja applies these skills with her children and with her team

Watch the episode:

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