215: A Model of Servant Leadership at Slack

In a challenging sales environment, it can be tough for leaders to stay positive—and to keep their team members seeing possibilities, too. Reggie Marable has learned how to do both in his role at Slack, where he heads a national sales organization. You’ll love Reggie’s enthusiasm for his work as well as his commitment to his ongoing growth. He’s a walking encyclopedia of inspiring quotes, and you’ll want to capture them for future reference!

Reggie is the Head of Sales, Communications, Media and Technology for Slack, which is now owned by Salesforce. Reggie has responsibility for generating growth in Salesforce’s largest accounts in North America. He’s also the author of The Blue Print: The Keys to making BIG Money in Professional Sales to help salespeople shorten their learning curve and save them from struggling like he did in his early years.

You’ll discover:

  • How Reggie chooses to view past rejections and failures
  • What Reggie does to maintain a positive attitude every day
  • The skills he practices to continue his own growth
  • Why diversity of backgrounds is essential for achieving the best results as a team
  • Favorite quotes that inspire and guide Reggie daily

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