263: Tips for Creating Agreements and Psychological Safety

Want to get some practical tips for being an effective leader and hear some unforgettable stories at the same time? This conversation with Ron Reich is a must-listen! Ron draws from his own experiences in the corporate world and from his 30 years of training and development and consulting experience. You’ll come away with new ideas for handling situations that are within your control—and for those outside your control.

Ron’s background is broad based, having worked for some major organizations such as Toshiba, The Chubb Corporation, and Organon Pharmaceuticals.

The majority of his work through these years has focused on leadership and management development, along with corporate training and organizational development.

Ron is passionate about the work he does and makes the workshops as interactive as possible. His only request is for participants to arrive ready to participate and have some fun along the way. For my listeners, I know you’re going to have fun listening to our conversation, and you’ll get some valuable take-aways along the way.

You’ll discover:

  • The importance of setting expectations and getting agreement with members of your team
  • Ways to create psychological safety so others are open and honest with you and with each other
  • An experience one CEO had as a child that moved him to tears as he shared it with his C-suite team
  • Why one of Ron’s mantras is “Stay out of the results business.”
  • How you can use PRD to stay calm and respond appropriately when unexpected situations arise

Watch the episode:

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