276: Develop a Mindfulness Practice Using The Lovetuner

This episode is different from any other because the guest, Sigmar Berg, is someone who invented a product that has enhanced the lives of 1000s of people around the world. You’ll find this conversation thought-provoking and enlightening. You’re encouraged to slow down your mind, shift away from what you need to DO, and focus on being fully present to what Sigmar shares in this deeply meaningful conversation.

Sigmar is an entrepreneur, architect, and designer. He has dedicated his life to fostering wellness and balance, and his mission is to bring healing and love to the world. His most exciting venture, the Lovetuner, brings the ancient art of sound healing to today’s world through an easily accessible mindfulness tool.

Thanks to the commercial success of Lovetuner®, Sigmar established the Lovetuner® Foundation, a nonprofit organization that promotes wellness and healing. He’s also the author of The Lovetuner® Book: ONE JOURNEY, which tells the story of his spiritual awakening.

You’ll discover:

  • The journey that led Sigmar to create the Lovetuner
  • Why breath work is critical to overcoming the fight or flight response
  • How leaders can benefit from developing mindfulness
  • What the 528Hz frequency means
  • What heart coherence means and why it’s important to our wellbeing

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