038: Why Emotional Intelligence Matters

038: Why Emotional Intelligence Matters

Have you wondered why so many experts stress the importance of having high emotional intelligence (EQ)? My guest Amy Sargent makes the case in a very compelling way. I loved that her own EQ skills are highly evolved, and she provides concrete examples to illustrate how you can use EQ in everyday situations. As Executive Director at the Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence, Amy helps lead online programs for leaders, coaches and HR professionals.

You’ll discover:

  • The four separate aspects of emotional intelligence
  • What can go wrong when someone’s EQ is low
  • The role of self-awareness in managing your emotions
  • How 3 managers were on the brink of being fired and why developing EQ helped them keep their jobs
  • One thing you can do at the end of each day to increase your own EQ

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