086: How Expanding Your Mindset Leads to Extraordinary Results

086: How Expanding Your Mindset Leads to Extraordinary Results

What if you could increase your income by 20 times? My guest Monica Da Maren explains how she did just that as she evolved from hair dresser to VP of Sales for Bob Proctor’s company, Proctor Gallagher Institute. You’ll be inspired by her story and the practical suggestions she shares that you can use, too. Monica’s coaching and teaching have been instrumental in my own growth over the past two years. Come prepared to take notes because Monica shares lots of valuable nuggets you can start implementing today.

You’ll discover:

  • 3 powerful ways to use auto-suggestions to build your self-image
  • The downsides of focusing on “how-to” instead of “what”
  • The importance of strengthening your intuition so you see opportunities as they arise
  • The value of a strong purpose that drives all your actions each day
  • Why failing is something you should seek instead of avoid

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