079: How to Get Your Expertise Online with Ease

079: How to Get Your Expertise Online with Ease

Do you sometimes feel confused about which marketing strategies will get you the best results? My guest Denise Griffitts shares tips for creating a website, social media presence, and brand that bring your ideal clients to you. Denise is an expert web developer and online marketer. She describes the traps her clients fall into around branding, use of social media, driving traffic to their website, and much more. She’s the founder of Your Office On The Web, a digital marketing agency, and the host of Your Partner In Success Radio. You’ll get valuable insights about marketing that help you experience less overwhelm.

You’ll discover:

  • The free tool that helps you audit where your name and company appear online
  • Why you can save time and get better results when you work with a brand expert
  • The big differences between social media and marketing
  • The best strategy for discovering a client’s real needs
  • The benefits to your business by being a podcast guest

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