273: A Real Commitment to Invest in People Development

273: A Real Commitment to Invest in People Development

273: A Real Commitment to Invest in People Development

What if you could design and implement a comprehensive program for developing leaders? That’s the opportunity Brian Wallace had when he joined Wintrust Financial Corporation as Chief Learning Officer. He describes the company’s commitment to the development of every person and the investment it’s made in a physical structure to support those training programs.

Brian describes his journey as a leader and what he learned from those he reported to. His experience as an internal executive coach for 200 leaders at a regional bank shaped his thinking about the content to include in leadership development programs. He also shares adjustments he made in his first 90 days at Wintrust compared to the actions he took in other companies where he was hired to transform learning and development. You’ll get valuable take-aways from every aspect of this conversation!

As a senior executive in the financial services industry for more than 18 years, Brian’s responsibilities have included executive coaching, leadership development, sales training, and sales enablement. At HSBC Brian was awarded the coveted President Award, given annually to only one individual per business that demonstrated the true character of the company and its core values.

You’ll discover:

  • The people who’ve influenced Brian in his own leadership journey
  • Common challenges that leaders face, from Brian’s experience being an internal executive coach
  • 3 key leadership traits that drive engagement and job satisfaction
  • What it looks like for a company to commit to the development of people
  • Why the first 90 days are critical to a new employee

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