284: You Can Grow Strong Character

284: You Can Grow Strong Character

284: You Can Grow Strong Character

Character has always been essential for anyone in a leadership position. But what exactly IS character? And is it a fixed aspect of who you are, or can it be developed?

In this episode, you’ll learn the answers to those questions from a special guest, Denny Coates, who’s been Meredith’s business partner for almost 33 years. He’s the CEO of Grow Strong Leaders, and his genius is in writing and creating content for the company’s books and products.

Denny has studied character for decades, and he’s just published a new book, Grow Strong Character, that explores this topic in depth. Together, he and Meredith developed a new online, self-paced leadership program called GSL SkillBuilder that facilitates mastery of high-impact communication skills and character skills.

You’ll discover:

  • How Denny defines character
  • The relationship of communication skills and character to emotional intelligence
  • What’s required to strengthen a specific character skill
  • The role of coaching in the mastery of any skill
  • GSL SkillBuilder’s unique structure for growing strong character

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