130: A Dose of Wisdom from an Extraordinary Sales Leader

130: A Dose of Wisdom from an Extraordinary Sales Leader

130: A Dose of Wisdom from an Extraordinary Sales Leader

What does it take to create a positive culture in a competitive sales environment? Vince Burruano shares answers to that question and more in this outstanding interview. Vince works with purpose and intention every day to provide opportunities for learning and development for each member of his sales team. He’s also been committed to his own growth, and he firmly believes that leaders need to be a model in this area for their teams. It was inspiring to hear Vince describe all the ways he fosters an open, honest and safe environment.

Vince is Vice President of Sales for the Commercial Division of JK Moving Services, the nation’s largest independent mover, based in Sterling, Virginia. As a leader, Vince promotes a culture that values trust, respect, and collaboration in order to foster continuous improvement. He’s the author of A Daily Dose of Sales Wisdom, a book that offers practical advice for sales professionals and leaders who want to excel.

You’ll discover:

  • The importance of scheduling regular 1-1 meetings with each team member…and what to cover in those conversations
  • How Vince uses books with his team to help them make continuous improvements
  • What Vince and his team did to ensure the company thrived during COVID
  • The strengths Vince has identified and enjoys most in millennial workers
  • Why mindset has been a key component in the success Vince has experienced since his early years in sales

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