092: Use The Vision Code to Inspire Others to a Better World

092: Use The Vision Code to Inspire Others to a Better World

Does the idea of creating a vision for your life or company seem daunting or vague? My guest Dr. Oleg Konovalov brings vision into a practical, executable concept. Oleg is a global thought leader, author, business educator and consultant with over 25 years of experience operating businesses and consulting with Fortune 500 companies internationally. He’s been named as “the da Vinci of Visionary Leadership” by many leading authorities as he helps companies create and executive their vision. In this conversation we talk about key elements of his latest book, The Vision Code, that you can apply in your own business and life.

You’ll discover:

  • The difference between communicating a vision and sharing a vision
  • Why it’s important to set aside ego when you want to inspire others to buy into your vision
  • What gets in the way of executing a vision
  • What leaders can do to keep people engaged in pursuing a vision
  • How having a vision helped Oleg get through a tough time

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