254: What Dr. Mark Goulston Is Dying to Tell You

254: What Dr. Mark Goulston Is Dying to Tell You

254: What Dr. Mark Goulston Is Dying to Tell You

How would you respond if you learned you had an illness that is likely to shorten your life? My guest Dr. Mark Goulston got that news, and it was a major wake-up call for him. He was inspired to create a series of videos on YouTube called, “I’m Dying to Tell You.”

This is a conversation you’ll want to listen to multiple times because it’s packed with so much life wisdom. Mark shares specific ways you can deepen the important relationships in your life…because, in the end, relationships are what matter most.

Mark is the host of the popular My Wakeup Call Podcast and the author of the best book you’ll ever read on the topic of listening, Just Listen.

You’ll discover:

  • The power of true vulnerability in strengthening relationships
  • How to approach a loved one if you’ve been too busy to listen to them
  • Why it’s important for you to be the one to start a conversation
  • The key question an executive can ask of every employee to create a positive culture change
  • How to use HUVA when you’re in a conversation so the other person feels uplifted afterwards

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