093: Spend More Time Working ON Your Business, Not IN It

093: Spend More Time Working ON Your Business, Not IN It

If you’re working long hours in your business and find it hard to take time off, my interview with Tom Perrone is a must-listen. Tom’s been in the financial planning business since 1970, and he’s passionate about helping small business owners learn how to create a company that grows revenue and profits and also allows them to take lots of time off. Tom is the host of the Building and Protecting Your Business Worth Podcast. In our conversation, we dive into his excellent book for business owners, Unlocking Your Business’ DNA: Cracking the Code to a Better Business, Bigger Profits and More Time on the Beach!

You’ll discover:

  • What Tom means by Business DNA and how it applies to you
  • Why it’s critical to block time to work ON your business and not just IN it
  • How Tom is able to work fewer hours/week than most business owners and still grow his business and income
  • One big thing you must do to build your company’s value
  • Why you need to think about “exit planning” as soon as you start your business

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