122: Making the Most of Your Moments

122: Making the Most of Your Moments

122: Making the Most of Your Moments

How much attention do you pay to each moment as you experience it? My guest Achim Nowak shares four keys to becoming more mindful in the midst of a busy, full life so you create the best possible experience from every moment. In our conversation we explore four topics from his latest book, The Moment: A Practical Guide to Creating a Mindful Life in a Distracted World. This book is a rich resource of ideas and insights, and Achim is a superb storyteller.

Achim is the Founder and President of Brilliant Best. In his work as an executive coach, he helps CEOs and C-Suite leaders around the world show up with relaxed authority and amplify their impact. He’s a TEDx speaker, the author of 3 books, and the host of an outstanding podcast, MY FOURTH ACT.

You’ll discover:

  • How actors train to awaken their senses so they can be or do whatever’s needed in a given moment
  • Benefits of developing and paying attention to “Prajna” or inner wisdom
  • What you can do to create micro-moments of love throughout the day
  • Ideas for slowing down and making time stand still
  • Why it’s important to build “unobligated time” into your life

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