205: The Do-Be Approach for Business Owners & Leaders

205: The Do-Be Approach for Business Owners & Leaders

205: The Do-Be Approach for Business Owners & Leaders

How can we reconcile the different (and often conflicting) perspectives that employers and employees have? You’ll get important insights in the lively conversation I had with Tony Carnesi and Brian Gorman. They work closely with both groups, and they share important steps business owners and leaders can take to open the door to understanding and trust.

Tony Carnesi and Brian Gorman are the co-founders of Do-Be Associates. Tony is the consultant who helps business owners and leaders focus on what they need to DO to get what they want from their Business. Brian is a certified Executive Coach, and his focus is how they “Show Up”, or who they need to BE. Their combined objective is for the business owners and business leaders to fully realize the vision they have for their success.

You’ll discover

  • What Tony has learned in recent conversations with business owners and executives
  • The importance of understanding both employers’ and employees’ perspectives
  • Questions business leaders can ask to understand the needs of their employees
  • How Judith Glazer’s TRUST model can be applied to building strong relationships in the workplace
  • The powerful and effective combination of DOING and BEING to get the best results

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