246: Why Curiosity Is a Superpower

246: Why Curiosity Is a Superpower

246: Why Curiosity Is a Superpower

Would you consider yourself a CURIOUS person? I hope your answer is YES. In this interview with Dr. Michele D’Amico, you’re going to learn some of the benefits of curiosity and why it’s even more powerful when combined with reflective listening.

Michele is the founder of Vetta Consultants, an organization that specializes in developing leaders and team members who are emotionally intelligent, curious, and resilient.

Michele has a Doctor of Psychology degree and is certified as a mediator and coach. Her ROE system (Return On Empathy) educates leaders and their organizations on the power of empathic leadership and  the building of safe environments where people want to work.

You’ll discover:

  • The meaning behind the title and tagline of Michele’s company
  • The 4 components of Emotional Intelligence
  • Tips for regulating your emotions so you can maintain your cool
  • Elements involved in creating an environment of psychological safety

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