232: How One Amazon Leader Mentors and Coaches Others

232: How One Amazon Leader Mentors and Coaches Others

232: How One Amazon Leader Mentors and Coaches Others

How do you help people feel valued in a huge organization like Amazon? Omar Halabieh shares what he does on an ongoing basis to connect with his team members and help them understand the contribution they’re making. You’ll enjoy Omar’s enthusiasm as he describes his commitment to being a true servant leader to others. 

Omar is Director of Technology at Amazon Payment Services. In this role he’s responsible for delivering simple, trusted, and affordable payment solutions for customers and merchants across the Middle East and North Africa.

Omar is based in Dubai and has been in this role since 2019. Prior to this, he led technology teams within Amazon’s Supply Chain Optimization Technologies organization, based in Seattle, for four years. 

Overall, Omar has 20+ years of technology experience where he has delivered transformational initiatives that have created competitive advantage, enabled business growth, exceeded customer expectations, and transformed global organizations.

You’ll discover:

  • How Omar uses LinkedIn to share valuable content to people throughout Amazon
  • The distinction he makes between mentoring and coaching
  • What Omar does to help people feel valued in such a huge organization
  • The communication skills he considers most critical for success as a leader
  • Strategies Omar uses to help team members prioritize and focus their time

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