220: Over, Under, Around, and Through Obstacles

220: Over, Under, Around, and Through Obstacles

220: Over, Under, Around, and Through Obstacles

Want some inspiration and practical tips for surmounting obstacles in your life? You’ll get both from Jill Tietjen, who shares stories about the adversity faced by several of the 50 women featured in her latest book, Over, Under, Around, and Through: How Hall of Famers Surmount Obstacles.

Jill is an author, international speaker, and an electrical engineer. After more than 45 years in the electric utility industry, her professional focus is now on women’s advocacy, worldwide. She speaks internationally on the accomplishments of women, nominates women for awards, and continues to write books, with 12 published to date.

Her first 2 books about women were bestsellers and award-winners: Her Story: A Timeline of the Women Who Changed America and Hollywood: Her Story, An Illustrated History of Women and the Movies.

Jill has been inducted into the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame, the Colorado Authors’ Hall of Fame, and the National Academy of Construction. 

You’ll discover:

  • How Jill got the idea to write this book
  • The wide range of obstacles faced by the 50 women featured in the book
  • The 10 common characteristics they shared
  • Key take-aways readers have reported
  • Tips for surmounting the obstacles in your life

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