110: Create a Fitness Routine You’ll Stick With

110: Create a Fitness Routine You’ll Stick With

Have you had trouble establishing a work-out routine and sticking with it? My guest Carl Ficks has helpful solutions to that challenge! Even if you have minimal time available, Carl describes how to create a plan that will work for you. He shares how his routine enables him to be more creative and come up with great ideas for his business. You’ll love Carl’s passion for the topic and the practical tips he shares!

Carl is Founder of No Surrender, LLC, and his passion is helping busy professionals reclaim their wellness. His Ficks System is a proven road map for endurance athletes and weekend warriors alike. His weekly LinkedIn posts and bi-weekly newspaper columns, both titled “The Friday Ficks,” provide strategies, tools and inspiration to stay resourceful and resilient.

You’ll discover:

  • How being fit helped Carl during his years as an attorney
  • The 2 big obstacles that prevent people from getting started
  • The first step you can take to put a fitness program in place
  • Why accountability is a key element of staying on track with your fitness goals
  • How you can get fit with zero equipment

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