134: Why Culture Eats Everything

134: Why Culture Eats Everything

134: Why Culture Eats Everything

Is it really possible to transform a company’s culture? Tom Willis not only knows it’s possible, he facilitates these kinds of changes on a regular basis. Tom’s experiences as a CEO and Superintendent of Cornerstone Education Group, as a consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers, and as an engineer with the Intel Corporation prepared him well for the work he does today. He’s committed to helping senior leaders become conscious of behaviors they can change that positively impact culture. You’ll love Tom’s passion for his work and the specific skills he brings to ensure real changes happen.

Tom is the co-founder and Partner of Phoenix Performance Partners, a firm that works with school superintendents and CEOs to create cultures that foster the growth of each person and the organization as a whole. Tom is also the host of the Culture Eats Everything Podcast, where he interviews CEOs and Superintendents who’ve created positive cultures.

You’ll discover:

  • How Tom defines culture
  • What prevents many organizations from making changes to their existing culture
  • Why Tom’s team avoids labels like “dysfunctional” when describing issues or behaviors that cause problems within an organization
  • The types of up-front analysis tools Tom and his team use to identify the root cause issues
  • What’s required to create a high-performing, coaching culture

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