210: Creating a Positive Impact on the Future of Work

210: Creating a Positive Impact on the Future of Work

210: Creating a Positive Impact on the Future of Work

Imagine if you could aggregate your collective experiences throughout your career into the ideal job. That’s what Dr. Denise Caleb, PHR, has been able to do in her role as President of the Human Resource Standards Institute℠ (HRSI℠).

HRSI is the world’s premier standards and credentialing institute for private and publicly traded organizations. It’s a subsidiary of HR Certification Institute (HRCI), the organization that provides credentials and learning for individual human resources professionals.

In her role, Denise gets to mine her deep business and HR experience to advance the goals of HRSI. She’s passionate about having a positive impact on the future of work for HR and D&I professionals by showing how these standards can be leveraged.

Before joining HRSI, Denise spent more than 25 years in executive leadership roles for Fortune 500 companies like Ford and Walgreens. She worked in several areas, including Human Resources, business development, DEIB, and marketing. In her career she served on seven different executive teams and four Boards.

You’ll discover:

  • The qualities of Denise’s former bosses that she admired and adapted for her own leadership roles
  • Insights Denise gained from serving on 7 different executive teams and 4 Boards.
  • Why HRSI is a separate entity from HRCI and the purpose it seeks to fulfill
  • The many benefits organizations gain from going through the HRSI application and certification process
  • How Denise’s dissertation on African-American women prepared her for the work she does today at HRSI

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